Deb Dicker

Deb Dicker Artist-Photographer

Deb is a local area artist who calls the world her home. Taught in the art of photography at Fanshawe College but found true love when she took up the art of painting.  A happy accident put her on the path of mixed media and now mixes her art and photography in an effort to make a life as an artist for herself.  In Debs words about her art she says “creating art, its like finding pieces of my soul and pulling myself back together.” It takes courage to be an artist.and to share your creations with the world. Then to stand back and await the verdict. Will my art be liked? Will it find a new home? What will people think? I care. I make art primarily to fill a need within myself. The need fills a number of voids. I have a need to be remembered. After I am long gone from this earthly word. I want to leave something that says I mattered. Art does that for me. I am an advocate of life.. of helping people. My resume reads like a book. I’m an entrepreneur, I’ve worked in banking, real-estate and had my own business for several years. I practice mediation and meditation, I’m also an  awesome cook .. doing anything that allows me to be creative