Joanne Maddeford


Joanne has been in love with art all of her life – from a creative family she has delved into a wide variety of creative endeavours.  She began painting in earnest as a pre-retirement activity and moved quickly from watercolour into acrylics and oil.

Joanne loves the freedom a palette knife gives her with oils and acrylics.  Her quest for learning new ideas and methods is ongoing and a wonderful way to continue her education of styles and mediums.

Joanne is a member of the London Brush and Palette Club.  She has shown her work in various juried art shows and it is on display in many private homes across Canada and into the United States.  She uses her love of travel as new subjects to paint and is especially fond of new landscapes and subject matter, especially loving painting Ontario’s birch trees with palette knife, texture, and colour.  She also has a strong love and inclination for abstract art.