John Doan


John has been fascinated by photography from an early age and first influenced by his parents who both had cameras to capture memories and events.  Having seen a progression of cameras and related technologies over the years, he still believes in the fundamental power of an image to delight, engage and even to challenge.  

Going for an emotive, evocative style rather than rules and restrictions, the ‘what an image is’ means less to him than ‘how the viewer feels’ about it!  John has been very fortunate to have studied with Canadian photographers Freeman Patterson and Andre Gallant over the years and they remain inspirational to him.  At first daunted by the technological changes of Photography in a digital age, he now finds the freedom available within it.  Yet at the end of the day, it is the gift of capturing the imagination and creating an emotional experience that remains the constant or ‘through line’ in John’s pursuit of Photography.