Linda Braun

Being an artist from Berlin,Germany I have spent much of my life being immersed in the vibrant, highly expressive Berlin art scene. Recently, over the past  6 Years I have been commuting to Canada and painting in a  studio on the north shore of the Great Lakes expanding my horizons, so to speak and taking in new experiences.

have always been an observer by nature. I began my career as a street painter in Berlin working along the Wall, inspired by faces in the crowd and the hopes and the power of a dream painting primarily figurative abstract art. However once I set up my studio along the lake my perspective changed. I began seeing the night sky, the water, the nature and the connection we as humans have to the universe and I began painting in a more focused expressionist way.  With my recent works I have tied together the connection between our inner consciousness and the outer universe. I have worked with oil and resin to bring together expressions of  vibrational energy , painting in the moment, going with the flow, letting colours and brush strokes dictate the content, as if I am just a conduit for the earth's vibrational energy to pass through. This has been called Pure Expressionism and I am now immersed and love painting in this style.  I  continue to expand on these principles and I become excited at the thought of what will come next. Through it all I have realized that the ability to create is a gift from the universe. An artist who can see, feel and find ones own expression has the ability to create for a lifetime.   So with this thought I commit my life's work to Painting!